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  • Hey whats going on!

    i wanted to ask you if you can PM me i own a few big dedi. servers and would love to support your map for you fan. my server site is if you can please get back to me as soon as you can so we can work something out. Thanks! look forward to it
    He then disappeared and appeared behind Tim and shot him with 8 rounds with a Mak killing him and then shot Snipez with the same Mak and killed him. If you can see the side channel messages he never denied he cheated and said there is nothing you can do about this. This was also witnessed by Roland.
    You got a hacker on your server named Shinkasuke (not sure on spelling, sorry) today about 4hrs ago. He was shot by Snipez with a M4 3 times in the chest at approx. 15 meters. Blood was gushing out and we had him pinned down behind a fence which we were covering about 20 meters away.
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