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    [RELEASE] Custom Chernarus Buildings

    Hi, Search for this bit of code in the init.c GetGame().GetWorld().GetDate(year, month, day, hour, minute); if (((month <= 9) && (day < 20)) || ((month >= 10) && (day > 20))) { month = 9; day = 20; GetGame().GetWorld().SetDate(year, month, day, hour...
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    [RELEASE] Custom Chernarus Buildings

    Created using DayZCommunityOfflineMode 2.2 Thanks to Arkensor, DannyDog & Jacob_Mango for developing a great tool. How to install, follow This Tutorial To enable loot follow This Tutorial North East Airfield Balota Airfield Skalisty Island & Bridge Vyshnaya Dubrovka Military Camp To see...
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    [REQUEST] Sarge Ai 2.0

    Simply cannot be done currently
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    [WIP] DayZ Categorized Loot XML

    Have you seen this?
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    [RELEASE] 30 Plus

    i see you have the payday masks? how did you get those to work? or is this post before they were removed?
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    Custom buildings

    Custom buildings around the map? Update:: Sorted it
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    Increasing Vehicle Spawns?

    Not to piggyback but where is the condition of the vehicles handled?
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    [Support] ESSV2

    Hmm i had this working on Miroslavl, i added it to Taviana and it no longer works, anyone had any issues on tavi?
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    DayZ Invasion [Need beta testers]

    Hello all, We have a mod in the works that is currently in beta and we need beta testers to help smooth out and direct the mod. What is it? Well in a nutshell we have replaced the Zeds with alien models created by icebreaker. and have alien patrols in the skys(alien aircraft also by...
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    Adding logo overlay to screen

    That will work
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    [Support] ESSV2

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    [Support] ESSV2

    Figured it out, i had the gun "Bison" wrong classname
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    [Support] ESSV2

    Ive just installed following each step, i've removed halo and spawn selection following each step but it does not work. I get no errors in report. any ideas?
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    Need someone who models for new Mod

    Correct, we are about to launch beta for Arma 2, but need a models for arma 3