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    py3rcon. Python admin tool.

    Hey guys! long time not posting. DayZ server is kinda slow there days... Anyway, just to let you know that we have a rcon python client for arma* and dayz. Opensource and all. feel free to check this out chao.
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    BattlEye Rcon python3

    Yeah it work but after two days and sometime more, it stop to reconnect.
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    BattlEye Rcon python3

    Yup Sorry I forgot to post the link...
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    BattlEye Rcon python3

    Reconnecting on disconnect is now fixed. Also, a big patch coming this week with a lots of new features.
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    This sub forum is a fucken mess. Everyone post non standalone related post here... Can we elect a moderator? Since i'm the mayor of berezino, I vote for myself and huh, maybe someone else.
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    BattlEye Rcon python3

    I created a very early implementation of the BattlEye rcon protocol in Python3. It's dirty and it stink. But, it can be usefull. I was bored of running a windows server to handle server message & whitelist. What's worling: Connecting Receiving server message Sending command Reconnect on...
  7. indepth 3.0.0 public test

    If you want, we could provide you with a free dedicated server for 7 days. 32GB of ram, SSD disk and fast cpu. We have a box running out that we don't use right now. I would be more than happy to help with the release of Taviana 3.0 Send me a PM if you have interest in my offer. Indepth
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    Future DayZ community build?

    Hi everyone! I just want to know if there someone still working on patch for the dayz mod(r4z0r?)? Are we allowed to continue devlopment? Thanks
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    Discussion Thread

    IF there is no private server available, I'm sure another Arma3 mods will take the lead... But for now, bend over and wait.
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    Origins Server?

    I asked on gamersplatoon forum.. no luck. Maybe someone should send them a legal demand. Anyone have their postal address?
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    Discussion Thread

    But for now, it sux... Server are laggy & overselled. Max of 7x50 player servers on a Xeon E3-1230 (3.2Ghz) Quadcore with 8GB RAM. WTF is that, we don't host that much of Minecraft server on this kind of machine... And Minecraft IS light compared to DayZ! All we can do for now is hope...
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    BITD restarter.

    Speedup mode is used if you want to make a quick restart. It set the remaining time to 15minutes. That way you players receive EVERY restart warning.
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    New Shiney Fancy Pantsy Rights and License Thread

    Thanks for the very informative answer! People rarely take time to answer complete and informative answer to forum post! You guys kick ass! I hope they won't try to kill the modder community since I personally think it's what kept dayz alive. Only time will tell us! But I really would like to...
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    New Shiney Fancy Pantsy Rights and License Thread

    Also, could the new license apply to older version of dayz released under the old obscure license?
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    New Shiney Fancy Pantsy Rights and License Thread

    Let's wait and see. I posted on origins forum to request the server file... will see how they react. But I don't understand why zooombies mod shutdown because of the new license? Maybe pwn0zor could explain us.