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    Imposter ?

    My video, Uploaded on May 13, 2014
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    Imposter ?

    A little moan & groan. Its been brought my attention that someone has stolen my work and passing himself as me. Im the one that created the j0k3r5 pack with permission and help from the owners of all the scripts and addons I used in the pack. Now this person has renamed my pack to his, taken...
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    DayZ Epoch Kamenka You put it in your mission.pbo or server.pbo
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    or you could hold if off till thursday, when I get back from my honeymoon :p
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    Your latest creation, working as it should. All Ive done is the follow tweaks: Changed loading screen Disabled the standard music and replaced it with sound effects from Nalmalsk (got permission) Added my map pack (j0k3r5 map pack) Enabled server name on bottom left corner Moved compiles from...
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    yea no problem, I will put up the details for you later today.
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    I will give it a try in the morning. By putting it on my home server :p
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    Hey bud, Been playing around with your pack. Found a little bug, not sure if your aware of it. It keeps spitting out 'cant find fogs script. Ive removed it from the mission.sqm , by deleting the init code. Anyway keep up with the excellent work. Cheers.
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    Releasing my FULL mission + server pbo files

    New version back and fixed.
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    J0k3r5 Pack

    Im back to fix the bug thats breaking this pack. The death is now fixed. Battleye scripts have been updated A few more tweaks added Some nipping & tucking here & there. New build: Just a quick video of...
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    Releasing my FULL mission + server pbo files
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    J0k3r5 Pack - Not detecting death

    Ive not had this problem myself, as Ive only played my version on a private lan setup. I also trailed ran it on a Dayz hosted server and didnt come across this problem. So would interesting to see if anyone else has came across this. J0k3r5.
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    J0k3r5 Pack

    Thats the Final Build complete. I dont have the time to spare at the moment to keep this pack up to date. Ive updated alot of the code in the addons and added a few more mods to the final build. J0k3r5.
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    Needing "Combat Mode" code

    Has anyone got the string code for COMBAT MODE. As Im trying to add it to the debug stats panel. So when your in combat mode, it can show active. Then when not it can show non-active j0k3r5
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    J0k3r5 Stats Panel - ( very easy install Stats Panel )

    Ive been asked to add various stats to panel. So Ive done a little update to it. Vehicles = total on server Players = players near in a 1000m radius / total on server Also in the code, you can change it about. As there is stats for just cars, boats, air, bikes. Its just a matter of just...