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    Taviana 3.0 Update

    What about getting permission to use the new enterable buildings? I see that DayZed and Epoch will have them in the newest updates coming out.
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    Taviana 3.0 Update

    Thank for the update! I appreciate all the work you're putting into the mod. I'm sure you understand the frustration from the people that love Taviana. That's where the "Let's get this pushed out already" comes from.
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    [Ongoing] Watching the slow death of ArmA II: DayZ

    So many quit helping when they realized there was money to be made. At this point I wouldn't blame any developer if they kept there work in house like Origins. It's really sad!
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    Tent inventory updates after restart

    Someone must surely have a fix for this. I tried using the unofficial 0.2.6 that was posted with the fix on the Overwatch website and it didn't fix the problem. I can see the updates supposedly being written to the tent, but the tent content never changes in the databse. So the same as most...
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    Taviana 3.0 Update

    What about just getting this pushed out? The things you are screwing with now will be changed by server owners anyways.
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    Taviana 3.0 Update

    I don't think you need a Taviana updated mod to be on DayZ Commander to be successful. The map has so many players that love it. Some of the successful server operators could put up a server with download instructions\link on their website and I have doubt that would be enough. Name it...
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    DayZ Special Operations Server & Client Files

    Its all good. Hate when real life gets in the way of our fun. Good luck with your new job!!!
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    I just want a who killed who message anyone know how please

    LOL. Installed the Kill Messages from DayZ St
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    I just want a who killed who message anyone know how please

    I just inetalled DayZ St on my Overwatch server without any issues.
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    Player forcefeild bases

    Hey Chris. Guess I will ask this here because it's related to what this member is trying to accomplish. I looked through your mission file. Mainly the dome protection. Did you have issues where players could parachute in through the top of the dome without detection.
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    Taviana 3.0 Update

    Very nice!!!
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    Taviana 3.0 Update

    Nice. Will be nice to see another update. Are you using Pwnoz0r's build?
  13. L 3.0.0 public test

    Missed this until now. Will check it out tomorrow. Good job, Shark.
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    Any updates?

    I was wondering why the threads got cleared out.
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    Taviana 3.0 Update

    I doubt Epoch will ever move to the same code as Taviana. The newest Epoch update scheduled to come out might be the last for a while with the developers moving to the Arms 3 Epoch mod. Would be nice to see Epoch have its own launcher. In the end this discussion is meaningless if we don't...