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    Vanilla DayZ Mod questions

    Thank you for replyed. I have last file of DayZ Mod of server_function and I dont see this code . Look at my code
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    Vanilla DayZ Mod questions

    Hello, I have 2 questions. 1. How can I add vehicles random spawn on map (in epoch I had to edit init.sqf) 2. I have a problem with infistar, when I turn on batteye it kick me. 24.02.2015 22:45:34: Morfa ( 1007fd26fbe3eca10352b824baf5e318 - #38 "}; }; if (isNull _grp) then {...
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    Remove Ammo/Weapon from Cars/Armors/Heli in Epoch

    Hello, Where Can I find working scripts to remove ammo from (Cars/Armors/Heli) to Epoch Its is possible to add vehicles with out ammo to traders? Best regards,
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    DayZ Epoch Taviana 2.0 - How? what version do u prefer? 1,2, or 3? and Tavian v3 is official released?
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    DayZ Epoch Taviana 2.0 - How?

    Where can I find files for epoch tavian
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    Headless for Epoch

    Hello, Where can I find working Headless for Epoch I tried 3 bots but 1 times, zombie didn't spawn, next loot and last time other problem. Its very hard to find because I know how to use it but I need working files :). best regards,
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    [Support] DZGM

    How can I improve server FPS, I want change player detected (range of radio) Refresh position of player
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    DayZ handcuff player help

    To sum up , could you write instruction how to install this scripts? :)
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    Long time of start up. Datebase, How config?

    What is issue long start of server? Scripts, transfer? We have good machine. Maybe my xampp is wrong config? Can you look at my "my.ini" from xampp? Its is correc # enable-named-pipe key_buffer = 16M max_allowed_packet = 2M sort_buffer_size = 1024K net_buffer_length = 8k read_buffer_size =...
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    Origins server files

    Hello :) Where can I get access to server files to origins? I found old files origins 1.7.5 but now is origins 1.7.9. regards, Morfa
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    Server Files

    Hello, I would like to creat a server of dayz standalone. Where can I find a server files? I have old files from dec 2013. I need server files and sql to datebase. regards,
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    Epoch 1.5.1 , Infistar and DZAI 2.1.0d

    edited nah, this scripts is with out mission :p What mission is the best for dayz epoch? DZMS-DayZMissionSystem, Torndeco Mission System or other one? Do you have proposition? :)
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    Epoch 1.5.1 , Infistar and DZAI 2.1.0d

    please remove this topic //