Origins server files

Hello :)
Where can I get access to server files to origins?
I found old files origins 1.7.5 but now is origins 1.7.9.

regards, Morfa


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the devs of origins havent released any serverfiles yet... 1.7.1 files were only public because someone leaked them...
We looked into this and found that the Dev's for Origins have a deal with Lag Free Servers.

So you have to go with Lag Free Servers if you want to get a Origins Server.

Bit of a shame as we have a number of members who like Origins but the Servers are terrible.....

Would love to host a Origins Server on our Dedi, but the Dev's keep the files very close to their chest which is fair enough.


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you can make a combined server with origins and epoch... so you get most of the origins features on your epoch server too...