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  • Hi There Player2, big fan of your work and looking for some pointers and direction on a few bits i want to do. Was wondering if its ok to add you?
    Hey P2, i was wondering if you could help me out with a couple scripts for my Overwatch 2.5 server. I added you on steam ( [EpiX] Anonymous ). Im a recent "SuperBase" resident on your sever #1 and i have seen them in action. Im sure these 2 scripts that i cant get to work wouldnt take much of your time. -Custom Spawns, loadouts, and maybe ammo boxes that write to DB. Thanks!
    hey dude i have overwatch looking for the death messages script any chance you can help me out? as i play on your overwatch and see you have it thanks.
    sorry im not willing to share this code at the moment, i only just finished it =p
    barry egginton
    yeah it is cool mate just thought i would try lol, thanks anyway mate
    The server below is all thanks to Player2, it is one hell of a server and getting amazing feedback. Thank you so so so so much XD

    FIRST 15 PLAYERS | To play my Server today | for 4 hours gameplay | From 9am to 4pm GMT+1 time | Will receive a custom loadout! | DayZ Chernarus | New Server |


    PORT: 3425

    Hi Player2. I was wanting banned skins in my server. I'm currently running this IP: Port:3425

    would you be able to help me achieve this, maybe some banned weapons and vehicles please? I can upload my files to dropbox.

    Thank you
    Hey! Please add me on steam or skype
    Steam: pialfa123
    Skype: Player2...
    Added you on steam XD
    2 of 2: I want to add AI, Auto-Refuel and Ground Fog as the primary scripts on my server and I've tried scripting them all myself but have had no luck because it never loads past "Requesting Authentication".. you can add me on Skype if you'd like (Ricky.Stockholm).. thank you!
    P.S. i want to add your knockout script in too. I would love to knock a few of my friends out with crowbars haha.
    1 of 2: I could use some help too :( i suck at this or DayZ.ST just hates my scripting. All I primarily want is advice and knowledge. I've been experiencing many errors, though it's been getting better, I still have a problem or two.
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