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    [Support]- Right click to sell briefcases.

    Support thread for right click to sell briefcases. -VV- Orginal thread -VV-
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    [Release]Right click to sell brief.

    (Sorry for the poor format, I'm new to releasing) Right click to sell briefcase. Version 1.0 This is for Zupa's gold coin script, or any other single currency script that uses headshots to store money amounts. Requirements (Notepad++/ >10 minutes /Easy) Easy = Blue <10 Installation Steps -...
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    Players Overpoch not loading properly.

    Some of my players are having the issue that when they start Arma2 OA with Epoch and Overwatch enabled, it loads Overwatch as the primary mod instead of Epoch. (The logo in the top right corner on the main screen says Overwatch and they get and overwatch load-screen) What do we need to do to set...
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    using overwatch in a new mod

    Cool, thank you!
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    using overwatch in a new mod

    How's the progress on this? It sounds like it's going to be amazing and I would love to help you out in any way.
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    Backpacks disappearing

    My player are constantly complaining to my admins and I about their backpacks getting deleted, usually when they place them on the ground (somewhat normal for dayz right?) but also when they log out and log back in. I haven't been able to find a fix for this, but one of my admins said he found...
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    [SUPPORT] Community AGN

    How would I go about adding safezones for the small traders? My player base wants them. I've looked through all the files and I can't see where any world coordinates are.
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    [Support] DZGM

    Forgot to address that. I do use it, but it fails to show players in vehicles, and I can't use the vehicle mark to show them because I have quite a lot of vehicle spawns so my map would just get flooded.
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    [Support] DZGM

    This works wonders for the ESP, but I also use the default infistar ESP to monitor players on the in game map, as it shows the players, and if they are in a vehicle. Is there any way to get this to work on the map as the infistar ESP does?
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    Hell's Playground DayZ Overwatch Server

    Lol iscariot, this is for the old Hell's Playground.
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    Gear deleted on skin change?

    Thanks ebay, is there a list of the files they changed? I looked into the change log but either they didn't add that or the ones I was looking at didn't list them. We're also having quite a lot of problems with the overwatch side of our server at the moment, along with the overwatch traders.
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    [Support] DZGM

    I'm available quite often if you need another person to help out. Pretty eager to learn more about scripting. From what somebody said you were actually on my server at one point, not sure if it was a lie or not though.
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    Gear deleted on skin change?

    Hmm. I looked over the new play_switchModel.sqf from the new epoch and it seemed the same, but I'll try it. Kinda sucks because I'm using Ebay's Group System and it uses that file.
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    Gear deleted on skin change?

    This is my player_switchModel.sqf
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    Gear deleted on skin change?

    When my players switch skins their main inventory, back pack, and secondary inventory get deleted. It happens to me and my admins as well so it's probably not my antihack. We just updated our Arma and Epoch, and we run an Overpoch server, anybody else having this issue or know of a fix?