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Oct 18, 2012
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Sep 20, 2018 at 10:03 PM
    1. shantanunaik
      Hey can I please have some help setting up a dayz epoch server ? Skype: shantaz23
    2. bradletcher
      Please check your inbox man! i really need help with my server like urgent!
    3. makazio
      Hey! i really need your help with my server it wont start go some errors plz help add me on skype danfos87 tnx :)
    4. Oblivion
      Hey pwnoz0r, Do you know how you can set up a Island Life server, if you do and spare some time could you add me on skype? PM me if you are interested please :D

      Thanks in advance
    5. CartoonrBOY
      Hey Pwnoz0r...may I request privileges to post my server within the advertisement section? I know it's crowded there, but I believe I have something different to offer the community.
    6. CartoonrBOY
      Hey Pwnoz0r...busy? Just a quick request for additional trophy points relating to my first like. How exciting eh?
    7. CentralPhobia
      Hey man can I post on the forums so I can promote my dayz server. Server Advertisement
    8. Benedict
      Can you contact me on the thread about my ban appeal on my profile
    9. Klaass
      Can you please contact me, i need help with making a dayz epoch server
    10. JahovaDuck
      It seems that I am unable to post in threads on the forums. There is something wrong with the activation system?
      1. BOX OF MAGIC likes this.
      2. BOX OF MAGIC
        BOX OF MAGIC
        got the same problem
        Mar 12, 2014
    11. im.lee.b
      hi pwnoz0r, im unable to post replys in server advertisements have i done somthink wrong thanks. im.lee.b
    12. NickHStewart
      Hi, like Lee Johnson below, no one can make replies or edit the post I made in the server advertisements page. Does not appear I broke any rules. Whats going on?
    13. Levi athan
      Levi athan
      hi guys!!!
      I dont know if you remember me, got connected for somes days this week!!
      I cannot connect any more :(
      i have good version of arma and dayZ, no other mods install, so no conflict...
      I cant find any solutions so i'm writting you, looking for some help!! Thx

      Father Levi,

      Ps: say Hi to Teexplodo, Jango and Persistent Turtle and Ice :)

      Hope to see you soon again!!
    14. Lee Johnson
      Lee Johnson
      Hey, just saw your the only admin online and you have made the sticky on the server advertisements page. It seems like I cannot make replies nor start new topic in this area. I don't think I broke any rules and if I have I am sorry, but looking back at your sticky post I see no reason why. Thanks!
    15. L0RD_Z1m
      hey Pwnoz0r sorry to bother you is it possible for you send me a link for dayz_1.chernarus.pbo file I'm kind of new to configuring it and I am having trouble with Authentication
    16. Mr Muppet
      Mr Muppet
      pwnoz0r is there somewhere i can get help on making a server for my self ???
    17. Stroaky
      dude who do i make donations to and can i buy a kit load out???
    18. stephen2012
      hello do you no were i can find out how to witelist a script with infistar antihack any help would be greatfull thanks
    19. Razor
      hi Pwnozor i made apost in gen dis but no reply yet was wondering if you could help me out please?
    20. {MLP} Short Cord
      {MLP} Short Cord
      Your profile pic. I couldn't stop laughing for a good 20 minutes.
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    New Jersey
    CEO of Initial Servers LLC.