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    looks great, keep up the work :)
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    Self blood bag in Dayz 1.8.1? How can I merge these scripts? :)

    Really?! Why waking the dead?
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    IN NEED OF DAYZ EPOCH MILITERIZED TRADERS WILL PAY Just use this and make your own changes in there and donate your money to him. if you want to buy a pbo from someone...well let's say I wouldn't sell mine under 700$ ;)
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    [Release] Origins Vehicle Upgrades (Updated)

    Origins Vehicle Upgrades what it does? This is the vehicle upgrade Script from the Origins Mod for the Origins Vehicles. Note: This version lets you upgrade everything with one scrap metal. I will release and update soon where you can decide what materials and tools are required for each...
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    back in business sheep? You can still count on me if you need something ;) Still having a dedicated machine, so i can provide you with a testserver or some scripting help :) Just tell me
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    Problem with scroll options

    simple arma menus nothing to worry about
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    Check if player is inside Marker and notify user.

    you guys forgot to remove the marker, otherwise it would spam a bit :) also distance is never < 0 , so better would be to set it if(_pos < 5)then{ this way you have a bit of safezone around the center
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    do they have an inside?
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    Help with lighting Campfires

    are you sure? it burned as i tested it on the editor it should defently spawn with fire
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    Should sheep return to the repack?

    If you need help allways count on me sheep :)
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    Help with lighting Campfires

    try using this Land_Fire_burning instead of Land_Fire_DZ this should do your trick =)
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    Help with lighting Campfires

    Ok I think I got some time today in the evening and will try to get some of it done :)
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    Help with lighting Campfires

    try to add wood in its inventory and set it on fire
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    DayzCC with Infistar Antihack...

    have you acces to you BE-Filters? have you acces to your dayz_server.pbo? Is infistar already loaded in on your server? (RPT Logs?)
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    Copy over your Addons folder from Arma 2 to Arma 2 OA >> Expansions At the end of the process you will be asked to overwrite 4 files: click the option "Don't Copy" do not replace anything in there!