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  • Hey brother, i just recently installed SHeeps newest repack, and made an upgrade to Overpoch, afterwards I am no longer allowed to access the trader menu. Any chance you might be able to point me in the right direction?
    Ok so its time to return to the world of DayZ mod and i thought i would touch base bro - we are setting up an Overpoch server could you jump on my TS and have a quick chat with me - about this and to catch up - hope your well bro all the best as always you mighty wizard.

    hey i saw you reply to my post good you help me with that i would appreciate it so much
    TS: to get a hold of me

    Hey, I installed the view distance script you posted and it stopped my players from being able to do anything epoch related through the scroll menu (ex: Upgrading walls, unlocking and locking cars and everything else). I deleted all files and undid all the code additions for fn_selfaction and description and you still can not get the options. Can you help me please?
    Hey Shinny how r u dude are you free to come and have a catch up and a chat with me quick?

    hope your doing great bro: TS
    hey man i am off all day come coding at the mo, but come say hi bro if youi have the time
    Dude i have been sick and then studying like a biaaaaaaatch come on TS we can ctahc up bro - JEDIIIIII forever
    yo yo sorry i was up late last night and never heard you poke me this mroning man - i am on TS and coding some perks yay
    Good day mate i am still having issues with ammo boxs i will be tryng ti again today as not fully tested but i may need you to help me out i have tried but am adding a bit code wrong bro - sory to bother you again. hope you have had a great weekend mastering your lvl 9000 spells
    Good day Gandolf i hope your wizard powers are still being used for the good of man kind?!?! anyway i wanted to chat about the following:

    adding sounds to the mod - i wil be remaking the sound but if i have some there it is easier to redo

    few script swaps and help with some of the things you mentioned that were cool bro. hope your well mate chat soon

    Hey man the only thing i need to fix is the web address and teamspeak info on the de bug cant find the lines of code that has that info on it - have looked in the 3 debug folders but cant find it anywhere. have a great night and thanks loads
    hey dude thanks so muich for being up for helping i am about to head out but when i am back we can take a look together here is my teamspeak - my name is Ron Swanson - if you wish to communicate in another way let me know - thanks loads
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