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    [Support] DZGM

    It works for me, but with files from github from 30.03.2015
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    ADD WEAPON TO AN2 and MAGAZINES to UH1H on DayZ Mod 1.9.0 - banned weapons can be viewed by logs and filtered out through filters
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    Working halo jump script

    late response, maybe AH is blocking it
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    DayZ 1.9 Mod issues on Private Hive - Backpack ISSUE and duplicate body after login

    dayz_server.pbo unchanged? see log server?
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    DZAI Visual Installation Guide

    Hello! Is there an up-to-date installation instruction on DayZ 1.9.0? Pictures are not available!
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    dayZ (arma) AI Controlled Bus Route.

    - Server DayZCC build - DayZ Mod v1.8.0.3 Chernarus - DZAI & DayZ Mission System - AH - Spawn Point Based on UID - Halo Jump - my building... - debug monitor server_cleanup.fsm "" \n "//Check for hackers" \n " {" \n " //if(vehicle _x != _x &&...
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    [Release] Custom spawn location based on UID (No Database Triggers)

    Working for DayZ v1.8.0.3 Server PBO Open this file: ...\compile\server_playerSetup.sqf Find this line: PVCDZ_plr_Login2 = [_worldspace,_state]; Replace it with: PVCDZ_plr_Login2 = [_worldspace,_state,_randomSpot]; Mission PBO Open this file: ...\init.sqf Paste this at the bottom of the file...
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    Working halo jump script

    here add line to AH?
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    Working halo jump script

    Halo Jump spawn on not tested, Halo Jump Only working on! but I worked it into bundles Halo Jump + Spawn....
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    Working halo jump script

    Try it! dayz_1.Chernarus/init.sqf execVM "Halo_Jump\halospawninclude_v2.sqf"; dayz_1.Chernarus/Halo_Jump/halospawninclude_v2.sqf //HALO SPAWN SCRIPT MC_BIS_halo_spawn = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Halo_Jump\halospawninit_v2.sqf"; private["_mkr"]; _mkr = "spawn" + str(round(random 4))...
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    Working halo jump script - that's my mission file
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    Working halo jump script

    dayz_1.Chernarus/Halo_Jump/fn_halo.sqf part2 player playmovenow _anim; //--- Sound if ((time - bis_fnc_halo_soundLoop) > 4.5) then { playsound "BIS_HALO_Flapping"; bis_fnc_halo_soundLoop = time...