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  • hi shootingblanks i have seen you help alot of persons on the froms so iam askking you for help...can u plz help me install taviana map to my epoch server....if u can link me downloads that will be nice...i think i download the map but just incase...btw iam running dayz epoch
    hi, I hope you can help, When playin gaif some one dies I get to the spawn Charater selection and after I select my class all I see is the loading screen, Epoch NAPF arma 2 I tried the fix but not sure if its correct.
    pls put your default avatar backs. Made it easy to find your tips on breaking servers xD
    I disappeared for a bit. Lost my dad and just stopped gaming for a while.

    I'm looking to setup a vanilla vanilla test server but running into trouble. You seen any instructions out there on it?
    Hey bud, I was wondering if you would be up for some coding? I have a DayZ server which i could do with a little help with, If your up for the job let me know thanks.
    Hey, I haven't gotten any feedback on this issue, but with the last patch, it seems that backpacks are disappearing often times after reloading after logging out. All i can think that it has something to do with infistar or the new classnames of weapons following this last patch and the attachment system that was implemented. Any ideas would be great, thanks!
    Looking through old posts and seen you offered some coding help to someone. My server has been up for over a year now and we are in need of some new scripts. Are you still willing to code for compensation?
    Hello there. I am starting a new server soon and wanted to say hello. Also starting a hosting company. Gonna get in touch but thought id post here since this is the only way I know how to reach you. So Hola. And if you can message me a skype contact id love to chat sometime soon.
    Frank its Kenny. I need your help with something. Going to finally switch to Epoch and I would like for you to help me with the switch if possibl. Please stop by my Teamspeak when you get a chance
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