1. T

    Server name: !WZ

    System: Xbox Slots:50 Map:Chernarus Play style: PvP Perspective: Both MnK: Enabled Active discord Friendly and fair admins Balanced loot Raiding allowed only at weekends Rules are simple and on point Active factions Zone detection system (For factions) Discord money Killfeed Heatmap Trader's...
  2. McDubbzy

    G3 DayZ Experience [1PP/3PP] [US PVP/PVE] [BB+] [WEED&COCAINE ][TRADER] [ATM]+ MANY MORE!

    Welcome to the G3 DayZ Experience 1PP/3PP - US PVP/PVE - BBP (BB+) - WEED/COCAINE - 4 TRADERS (soon to be 6) - ATM - Squad MSF-C Gear - MANY GUNS - MANY CARS - AirDrops - Increased Zombie spawns - Custom loot table - Party System - Build Anywhere! - Unlimited Stamina and Auto Run! - Inventory...
  3. MassGrave

    **NEW** MassGrave #1 *65K Start*|HIGHLOOT|WEAPONS+|CARS+|CustomTraders|GORE+|Airdrops|Group|EarPlugs|UnlimitedStamina|MAP|Inventory+|PVP

    MassGrave Community.. ..is a project for DayZ-Players, trying to make everything better, that is not working right on other servers. We are experienced DayZ-Players with over 7000 hours, based on our DayZ-Experience we took the decision, to setup our own Server, where we try to ensure a nice...
  4. C

    New server good following already (xbox)

    New server starting off good New server that just opened up 50 slot name is “end of dayz” an RP server that has 3 official factions so far each faction has a limit to 10 members, you can start your own aswell, short nights, boosted loot, boosted animals and building supplies too. PvP opens...