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Welcome to the G3 DayZ Experience

1PP/3PP - US PVP/PVE - BBP (BB+) - WEED/COCAINE - 4 TRADERS (soon to be 6) - ATM - Squad MSF-C Gear - MANY GUNS - MANY CARS - AirDrops - Increased Zombie spawns - Custom loot table - Party System - Build Anywhere! - Unlimited Stamina and Auto Run! - Inventory Plus Plus (wear those Ghillies with your backpacks!)

About our Server
Our server was started on the 10th of April, 2020, in hopes to bring FUN back to DayZ. Our server is brought to you by the awesome people at GTX Gaming! The G3 DayZ Experience server is base out of Atlanta, GA (beautiful East Coast, USA)! It has been a LONG TIME COMING, but has finally made landfall!

Our server is here to provide you, the player, with a QUALITY DayZ Experience, and a server to call home! Our GOAL is to continuously grow until we have multiple servers for ALL aspects of DayZ Game-play (from PURE 100% PVP, to your Real Life RP and PVE)!



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Awesome, funny and helpful people on this server.
Server Runs smooth even with tons of mods that makes everything more interesting and enjoyable.
I finnaly found a great server and will totally stick with it !!
Thanks Dubbzy <3