dayz new server

  1. Spooky_011

    The Island|Melkart|1PP|Vanilla+|MoreLoot|MoreStamina|FullCars|

    Haven't tried the new map yet? This is the right place for you! Server name: The Island|Melkart|1PP|Vanilla+|MoreLoot|MoreStamina|FullCars| Server IP : Discord : Info Picture
  2. E

    Eaten Alive PS4/PS5 Dayz Server

    Eaten Alive is a new server on PS4/PS4. Running smooth as silk, even on PS4. We are looking for new active players to join our server and help us grow our community. Eaten Alive is no walk in the park with zombie hordes and bear herds even the most experienced Dayz player will find survival...
  3. Mister ADHD

    I could do with some help with the trader mod on DAYZ SA

    If anybody would like to use my server for doing video tutorials i will grant you admin access as long as you show me proof that you are an actual vlogger, what do you call people who do tutorials? ill just call you vloggers for now lol i also could do with some help with the trader mod as when...
  4. U

    UC ELITE SERVER New Server on Livonia

    WE ARE NOW LIVE !!!!! [The UC Elite ]Server is now live everyone this it the server to be on !! we are going to be the number 1 server to play everything form PVP/PVE/TEAM PLAY/STREAMERS AND MORE !!!! Mod List :ATM :BASEBUILDINGPLUS ;TWEAKRAIDINGTOOLS ;BLACKMARKET ;DRUGS ;UNLIMITEDSTAMINA...
  5. A

    Sanctuary|Hardcore|Organic RP|Base Raiding+|Traders|Airdrop+|NEW!

    Hello! We are Sanctuary, a new Hardcore based server with the help of some mods to make the experience even better. We are making daily changes to the server to better improve it and make sure the experience is fun for all. We have a small active staff team ready to knock this out and hope to...
  6. D


    Fresh Dayz Standalone Server =100db= (15.04.2020) =100db= IP - Port - 2302 Mods only 2gb. Steam Mods Collection - Discord - Mods: •Summer_Chernarus •KillFeed •Camo Net Plus...