UC ELITE SERVER New Server on Livonia

UC assassin

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WE ARE NOW LIVE !!!!! [The UC Elite ]Server is now live everyone this it the server to be on !!
we are going to be the number 1 server to play everything form PVP/PVE/TEAM PLAY/STREAMERS AND MORE !!!!
Mod List
Search on DZSA = " [UK] UC Elite Livonia "
Discord Link https://discordapp.com/invite/mEU6W8H

HELLO !!! thank you for taking time to read this add for the [UC ELITE SERVER !!!]
fancy your chances to win £10 steam gift card ???
here is how it works all you have to do is whats called "referred by a friend"
how dus this work you might ask SIMPLE !!!
all you have to do is have friends join the server and discord,get them to go to the channel call "referred by a friend"
get them to @"your name" and leave a message saying that @"your name" referred them here
the player with the most referred friends at the end of every month will receive £10 steam gift card
easy and simple

good luck !!!!!

Discord Link https://discordapp.com/invite/mEU6W8H

Search on DZSA = " [New] UC Elite Livonia "