1. G

    Epoch 1061 Heli Lift system

    Hello, im currently working on a server that is nearing release (within the next week i hope) and i realised that i was missing a very popular part of epoch. The Heli-Lift system. Now i know there is a built in heli lift enabled by default in configVariables but this requires two people (one to...
  2. G

    Epoch1061 logout punishment Script Help

    Hi, ive been playing Arma 2 (Dayz Epoch) for about 1200 hours now, and recently i have started to develop a server for Epoch 1061. The server is near completion and is only missing a few small scripts and some touchups here and there. One script that I need to add is giving me a hard time... On...
  3. FallingSheep

    Overpochins base building

    Anyone interested in origins buildings for epoch For origins Tied to plot poles and no blueprints needed (going to add later maybe) Saves to DB Inventory saves as well