Epoch 1061 Heli Lift system

Hello, im currently working on a server that is nearing release (within the next week i hope) and i realised that i was missing a very popular part of epoch. The Heli-Lift system. Now i know there is a built in heli lift enabled by default in configVariables but this requires two people (one to pilot/hover the heli, and another to "attach" the vehicle) this is the same with many othet lift systems like R3F etc.
I have tested both of these but found out the above^.
I am looking for a heli lift script that only requires one player to lift (the pilot of the heli) and have the Lift option to be on the scroll menu when the player hovers above the vehicle.
I have searched around but have not found a script, despite seeing it on many epoch and overpoch servers. Does anyone happen to have the files and instructions for this or link a forum post etc for a script like this?
Thanks, Goose

EDIT: Upon installing the R3F tow and lift from another source, i have found the script that i desired.
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