1. Sigworth

    [NA] Amnesia Reborn, The DayZ Server | New Server - Fresh DB | [Summer_Chernarus]

    Amnesia Reborn, The DayZ Server Highlights at a Glance Blackmarket Trader Bridge To Skalisky Drug Dealer Trader Hordes (Always 1 in Chernogorsk and Vybor Military Compound. Always 1 random horde around the map) Increased Loot with custom loot tables Increased Zombies Three Safezone Traders...
  2. M

    NL Windmills |Airdrop|Trader|WpnRedux|DayZ+|NoStam|Vehicles+

    Welcome to NL Windmills! Server name: NL Windmills |Airdrop|Trader|WpnRedux|DayZ+|NoStam|Vehicles+ Ip adress: #All vehicles are fixed, and we have Airdrops once every hour! #There are traders! Start building up your stash today! #We have a excellent beast of a server...
  3. C


    DM BALOTA AIRFIELD DEATHMATCH [AIRDROP, KILLFEED, NO STAMINA] IP: [] Features included: • Random Custom Loadout Classes (12 Loadouts) • Added 50 different Playerspawns arround the Airfield • Killfeed ( it shows the distance and the weapon used) • Military supply Airdrop...