NL Windmills |Airdrop|Trader|WpnRedux|DayZ+|NoStam|Vehicles+


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Welcome to NL Windmills! Server name:

NL Windmills |Airdrop|Trader|WpnRedux|DayZ+|NoStam|Vehicles+

Ip adress:

#All vehicles are fixed, and we have Airdrops once every hour!
#There are traders! Start building up your stash today!
#We have a excellent beast of a server! Always high server FPS:

Intel i7-7700K OC
4c/8t - 4.7GHz /5GHz
64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
SoftRaid 2x450GB NVMe
+ SoftRaid 1x4TB SATA
250 Mbps bandwidth

MODS: Dayz Plus - Weapon Redux Pack - Airdrop - Trader - Unlimited Stamina

Make sure you subscribe those mods in the Steam Workshop! You can enable the mods by using DayZ Launcher in steam
Link to mods:

Basic rules: Don't be a dick in chat. You can be a dick ingame. Happy hunting.

Join us on Discord: