1. Xanny

    MbF |PvPvE|Heli|Loot+|Cars+|MVS+Mass|Trader-ItemSell/VehicleBuy

    Been looking for a server to relax, and learn the game? Well this is the right server for you. PvP only when you chose to do so and also admins will always be online to fix any issues that may occur in the game. Looking to grow to around 60 players from 15-20 currently. Also money is not an...
  2. U

    UC ELITE SERVER New Server on Livonia

    WE ARE NOW LIVE !!!!! [The UC Elite ]Server is now live everyone this it the server to be on !! we are going to be the number 1 server to play everything form PVP/PVE/TEAM PLAY/STREAMERS AND MORE !!!! Mod List :ATM :BASEBUILDINGPLUS ;TWEAKRAIDINGTOOLS ;BLACKMARKET ;DRUGS ;UNLIMITEDSTAMINA...