hard zombies

  1. asap.maupy

    The Coalition

    Hello All . I have started a PVE / PVP server. The name is : " The Coalition PVP/PVE " We have created a pretty fun and exciting adventure for you and your friends to come and partake in. We have plenty of mods that we believe you will love and enjoy interacting with along your adventures. We...
  2. Funkadelic

    [NEW] Namalsk Hardcore | Hardcore Zombies | 1ste Person | No Reticles | #Funky

    Dear Opendayz people! I am excited to announce we launched our 2 hardcore namalsk servers for the true legends among us! The server includes harder to kill (headshot) zombies with adjusted speed cycles for different zombie types. And a overall harder environment to survive in. We decide to...