1. G

    The Badlands |Lootx4, Altar Blackmarket, NEAF, Trader, ATM, Inv++, Etc.| IP

    Welcome to The Badlands! (Early Development) We are brand new to the DayZ modded server community and want to offer a wide spectrum of unique gameplay and make “The Badlands” stand out from the rest. We are open to taking new ideas! We are also open to taking discord/in-game admins for the...
  2. PapaKhanZ

    ($1Million$Start$)-*%STABLE NONE EXPANSION HELI'S%*-#BG#BandanaGaming#BG#!!!COME ONE COME ALL!!!!(Mature Owner/Admins 30+yo)

    Yo, Looking for a New & Growing community? Want fair admins? Wish the owner was more involved with their community? Want a voice in the way the server is fabricated? WELL (Check/Check/Check&Check....) We offer all this along with a stable server that plays smooth at great FPS. We listen to our...
  3. Microb

    [SOLVED] filePatching

    Hello there. I've been trying to do some mod editing and got stuck with -filePatching option... It doesn't seem to work as in A2... What you need to do to be able to load unpacked mods? RePBOing on every edit is cancer... I've read bunch of BI official wiki on related topic and it confused me...
  4. A

    [PC, US West] Zoned Out - Persistence Enabled - 4 hour restarts

    Zoned Out - Persistence Enabled - 4 hour restarts This is a simple DayZ server on PC with a few base building mods. The idea of this server is to grow a community on DayZ, and have a good time. Traders, and several base building mods have been added. Server time is set for fast night, mostly...
  5. M

    WSYG | A2 Guns | 10X LOOT | Airdrop | Balanced Traders | C4 | Bank | BBP | Party | IPP | More Guns | CPB Weapons | More! |

    Welcome to WSYGs DayZ server! WSYG | A2 Guns | 10X LOOT | Airdrop | Balanced Traders | C4 | Bank | BBP | Party | IPP | More Guns | CPB Weapons | More! | We're currently running a fresh wiped DayZ server. We're an experienced admin team of 7. Our goal is to get players to join, and have a very...
  6. VenTi

    DayZ Hub - New server! 3xLoot | ATM | No Stamina | Events | Group or Join us!
  7. L

    [NEW] Land of Anarchy PvP - Modded 04/11/19

    Land of Anarchy ----------------------------------------------------------------- A fresh community looking to grow! The server started on 4 november 2019. The server is aimed to improve the normal way of playing Dayz, with extra guns, armour, clothing and more stuff to do. We are still in the...
  8. Captain_Bigzy

    Dawn OF The Z - WWW.DAWNOFTHEZ.NET - DAYZ 1.07

    WWW,DAWNOFTHEZ.NET New Growing Community with 200+ Discord Members Backups & Auto Restore on all servers! Hosting New Dayz Server: Dawn Of The Z Discord Were always looking to improve our servers so player feedback is very important to us! A run down of server features are below and full...