new dayz server

  1. Z

    CNBL Dayz | Expansion | Vanilla Style | Admin active

    We are a brand new server we have a couple of admins that play i am currently always active besides when needing sleep. We are looking for people to come join in on this server Hosted by GTXGaming Current mods: Bloodsuckers Expansion buildings expansion catch water open...
  2. A

    Fresh wiped FreshieZ 100k noob friendly

    Server info (can also be found in the discord) Server name: FreshieZ 100k noob friendy IP: Map: Chernarusplus What is FreshieZ? - FreshieZ is a chill PVP server focused on the community and their desires to explore our wasteland to discover it's secrets. Dedicated...
  3. P

    PZ 10x Loot|Full Cars|NPCs|KillFeed|Raid WE|

    Map: Chernarus Server Name: PZ 10x Loot|Full Cars|NPCs|KillFeed|Raid WE| Features: • - Pristine Loot. • - Fresh Wipe 1.15. • - Boosted Loot. Less low tier/more high tier. • - Food or drink on all zombies. • - Vehicles with all parts and some spares. • - Weapons fully...
  4. W

    **NEW** DayZ Server PC ONLY

    Server Info: Server Name: NEW SERVER|LifeAfter RP|TraderPlus|Loot+| IP/Port: Description: » PC ONLY » RP Friendly » PvE Map » PvP Zones » US Based Server » Loot+ » $50k Starting Cash » Realistic Pricing » Custom Vehicle's & Heli's » Weekly Event's » NO...
  5. L

    Last Dayz Of Humanity - LDOH |TakistanPlus + Chenarus|8x loot|Helis+Gunner Seat|Bank robbery|Custom addons|100kStart|+ Lots more

    Last Dayz Of Humanity - LDOH ⁠ Recently re-launched! ⁠ Discord: ⁠ 2 servers under the LDOH name. ⁠ 1: Takistan Server Server name: [LDOH] ~New~|Takistan|PVP|Helis+Gunner Seat|Vehicles|X8Loot|100kStart ⁠ 2: Chenarus Server Server name: [LDOH]...
  6. N

    [NEW] Refined RP [Custom Traders, KOS Zones]

    This server is for PC only. Here at Refined we are all about good old fashion DayZ role-play and fun. From hunting in your favorite section of Charnarus's massive forests, to killing zombies and maybe the occasional person to protect yourself in these harsh wastelands, to even sitting by a fire...
  7. MashedPotatoz

    |PVP| Fight Night (PS4) Hello this server is bran new and is looking for staff and members that know there way around coding. The server is based off of fist fighting but that could change.
  8. StonerMunchies


    BLAYZ (US) (PC) IP&PORT: BLAYZ is a new and upcoming DayZ server looking for members / staff! we are newly founded and are looking to build a community! The server is modded with: Helicopters Unlimited Stam Custom Weapons Custom Vehicles Improved Base building Code Locks...
  9. A

    Apollo Modded DayZ | Apollo Vanilla DayZ

    Apollo Modded DayZ | Apollo Vanilla DayZ We are a small community that strives on player satisfaction and we offer a variety of servers. We have a VANILLA EXPERIENCE SERVER (Apollo Vanilla) that gives you an enhanced Vanilla experience with a few added weapons, airdrops and a little boosted...
  10. MotherSoph

    [PC-Livonia] Patria Noster EN-EU (Modded, basic roleplay, no-KoS, partial-pvp)

    Patria Noster, a little experiment of mine. At the moment, it's still very-much the early days of the server as I'm testing themes and mods constantly. A very newly public server, so if you like quiet servers, now's the time! So, the server at the moment has a couple of simple rules and a...
  11. S

    FORSAKEN LANDS (New Server Hardcore Vanilla style with minimal added MODS) PVP & PVE Zones

    Hello Everyone, just thought I would drop by, a server that is Fresh and near complete if your looking for that classic Dayz Hardcore survival feeling with a few minimal extra added MODS please check out [UK] Forsaken Lands giving you some PVP & PVE Experience , PvP zone North of the river, PvE...
  12. S

    New Server!! The Walking Z

    The Walking Z | LOOT++ | ATM | PvP ZONES | 5K START | TRADERS | hello everyone this server is a PC server based in the uk. we have a small player base right now but were looking for more people to make it fill up and create bases. when you join as a new survivor you will start with 5K and when...