Last Dayz Of Humanity - LDOH |TakistanPlus + Chenarus|8x loot|Helis+Gunner Seat|Bank robbery|Custom addons|100kStart|+ Lots more


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Last Dayz Of Humanity - LDOH

Recently re-launched!


2 servers under the LDOH name.

1: Takistan Server
Server name: [LDOH] ~New~|Takistan|PVP|Helis+Gunner Seat|Vehicles|X8Loot|100kStart

2: Chenarus Server
Server name: [LDOH] ~New~|Chenarus|PVP|Helis+Gunner Seat|Vehicles|X8Loot|KOTH|100kStart

We have active staff and an admin team which is loved by the players.

Lots of players have told us this is the best Dayz server they could find and hope it will be the same experience for you!
Our servers are high loot and great fun for PVP!

Custom weapons, Traders, Fast travel, Black markets, Drug dealer, Custom map addons, KOTH, Care packages, Vehicles, Helicopters with gunner seats and lots lots more.
Base building and raiding with Raid saw/C4/Hacking tablets. Our custom bank robbery mod has returned to LDOH!

Professional and much loved admin team who are NOT allowed to play on the server at all.

Our Takistan server has just launched today so we are hoping to see a large growing population on here over the coming days/weeks.
Join us today and be a part of a much loved community.

50k bonus for all players who join our Discord server.

We cannot wait to have you on board and a part of our come back!