survival servers

  1. C

    Mini Survival DayZ server

    Mini Survival Is a DayZ melkart map with more loot and boosted events, anyone can join! Discord:
  2. K


    FRESH WIPE. EQUAL DAYZ server just got wipe freshly. Brand new mods, for better exparience and performance. Also we did not forget to boost loot and put weapons mod. What about car you gues, dont worry we got you covered. You can drive like true apocalypse survivor. You are looking for a DayZ...
  3. K

    Invitation to brand new server

    Hello fellow SURVIVERS NEW DAYZ SERVER WITH ALOT OF LOOT, BASE BUILDING,PVP,PVE,starting loot,ATM AND EVEN MORE. BRAND NEW SERVER, COME AND JOIN TO SEE. It has alot of loot, guins, cars, heli, carepackage, basebuilding, stable, 1PP,3PP, PVP, PVE, traders,spawn loot. IP: Active...
  4. SgtBudz

    5xLOOT Aftermath

    5xLOOT Aftermath Welcome to Aftermath!!! Aftermath is a full map pvp server with factions, killfeeed, and admin help readily available. 150 cars on the map, boosted Loot, boosted zombies, discord economy for trader, and an environment where you can feel free to pop suggestions in to help the...

    SHTF - Can you Survive (PS4/5-Chernarus-PvP-Hardcore Survival

    SHTF - Can you Survive (PS4/5-Chernarus-PvP-Hardcore Survival) If you think you have what it takes click here: - Hardcore Survival - 24/7 PvP - Increased zombies across map. -Hugely reduced loot (making base raiding very difficult). -Experienced...
  6. Noises

    (PC) The Grassy Knoll Dayz Server

    The Grassy Knoll Our Dayz server we try to bring you as close to a realistic style of apocalypse. We are looking for new players who are not looking for an overpopulated server with bases everywhere. We are fresh and ready to bring on our new survivors to our server to build new bases and...
  7. Z

    DaylightZ No Night - US-East|Traders|Guns+|Loot+|

    Hey everyone, just wanted to make a quick post about our new DayZ SA server that is now up and running. Currently we have it setup with a 3 hour day cycle with 1 hour of dusk (never goes completely dark). Feel free to come check it out. Hoping to start a great community of dedicated players...