DaylightZ No Night - US-East|Traders|Guns+|Loot+|

Hey everyone, just wanted to make a quick post about our new DayZ SA server that is now up and running. Currently we have it setup with a 3 hour day cycle with 1 hour of dusk (never goes completely dark). Feel free to come check it out. Hoping to start a great community of dedicated players.

Server Name: DaylightZ No Night - US-East|Traders|Guns+|Loot+|

Server IP:

Time cycle: 5:20am - 9:20pm in game hours - 4 hour server restarts in real time (12am EST, 4am EST, 8am EST, 12pm EST, 4pm EST, 8pm EST)

Enhanced loot table - Enjoy more goodies and less clothing! Tweaked the whole TYPES.XML for better loot balance.

MODS: CF, GoreZ, Airdrop, NoVehicleDamage, BuildAnywhere, WeaponReduxPack, CodeLock, DayZ-Expansion-Chat, DayZ-Expansion-Notifications, KillFeed, Trader, Server-Information-Panel, Summer_Chernarus, LessDestruction

(Please note that Mods are subject to change. May add or remove certain Mods based on player feedback and/or server performance.)

40 Player Slots: Balance between server stability and player interactions.

Hosted by Survival Servers: Low ping and extremely capable hardware makes the experience second to none. Runs great.

Thanks and hope to see you in DaylightZ!

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