0.2.2 Test Build - Brand new UI

Nonov Urbizniz

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So We've teased a bit about some changes to the UI and HUD

Here you go!

Lobby - Play or Disconnect:
For a Mod that cut out all the ability and need to choose groups and no real need (other than hunting for a username you know or are looking for) it sure seemed silly to have such a big and clunky lobby menu... So we give you the only 2 options you need in the lobby.. Play or Disconnect.

New HUD - WIP but what a start!:
We have chosen to go with a central theme of Black and White high contrast, the Green's used in the default DayZ and Arma selection menu's get washed out in a LOT of Sahrani's lush green forests and fields. So we've gone with a more Arma 3 look with bright white HUD and Text elements with Black surrounds to ensure visibility throughout the day/night and on low blood as well... However it does allow for a much more immersive feel when you are losing blood and the
HUD is partially washing out with the fading of the color... it's still very visible though.

Gear Menu - Subtle, Sleek, Familiar:
Call me old fashioned, I REALLY like the standard Arma Menu system, I just don't like how ugly it is... Seven has certainly remedied that.

All Text is White, all selection menu bars are black.. simple high contrast day or night, gorgeous.

Knock Out Timer - Only A taste of your Dark Future:

These elements working together looks SO amazing in game play you can check it out here if you want below on video:

There are some things left to change, remove, and recolor. I believe only the menu and crosshairs are left...

Once again it's gotten late and I will update again later.