0.9.7 Public Release - Live on DayZ Commander

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I have not had time to do a proper change log. Here is a quick list of the major changes:

- Map Changed to M1lkm8n's latest smd_sahrani_a2 build. This is NOT the same version of the map that is available on Armaholic, this is a much more recent build with tons of additional features/fixes

- Dozens of new buildings. ALL previously included buildings brought up to equal standards. One new model has animated destruction and door breaching. (you can shoot the door apart, and the walls get "blown out" in chunks. (added RPG18 and ammo)

- Thousands of new loot positions, look high, look low, look everywhere

- Armored clothing and Zombies - vests protect Chest/body Helmets protect Head (7.62 headshots still kill 5.56 should too, .45/9mm SHOULD take 2 shots or more)

- Fully re colored UI including:

- Black (semi transparent) debug monitor

- White standardized reticules for EVERYTHING

- Crafting/Gear/Action menu's given background and all made much more readable.

- Color added to some actions (light fire (red), burn storage (orange))

- Dozens of new vehicle textures HMMWV's, SUV's, Bloodied Vehicles etc. (no updated sql tables you must manually add them (RACS, RACS Digital, Desert Atacs, Black Ops, Black Ops Digital)

- Server host should be able to customize spawn in loot (please add a map lol) PLEASE do not exploit this, if there is any reports of "selling gear" I will remove this feature. I am fine with server hosts offering non-advantageous perks to subs, but NO weapons or vehicles etc. Mainly I wanted server hosts to have control over the starting loadout for all players not for it to be used as a motivator for donations.

- All Hint Text moved down so it's viewable while in your gear menu

- Workbench added to crafting (will be used as crafting engine in future build (IE will store more ingredients than your character can, in order to build larger items)

- ALL Weaponized vehicles spawn with no ammo. I believe this will cause loaded ammo in the heli's etc to be lost upon restart.... so find it, load it, shoot it. Or you can store the partial ammo boxes in the vehicles inventory.

- Car bomb Craftable in inventory (requires 1 satchel charge, 1 floppy wires, and 1 elec. scrap) you place the car bomb on a vehicle and it blows up when someone gets in.


Google Drive (faster):


Google Drive (faster):

Nonov Urbizniz

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honestly at this point setting up a server is a huge pain in the ass. Only the 0.2.1 package/instructions are complete/correct.

the 0.7.8 has a flawed SQL file and is missing some elements I was unaware were needed.

I rush packed 0.9.7 and labled it a patch since it doesn't include an extract and go folder structure or all the required components.

What you want to do essentially is get a running 0.2.1 server based on Seven's instructions thread. THEN patch the client and server PBO's with the 0.9.7 PBO's and mission.

You MUST change the name of the mission to reflect the change from .sara to .smd_sahrani_a2, AND you must delete ALL Caa1 and OACCore pbo's in the client folder.

I will put together a full/complete drop and go server package when I return from vacation.

Should be 2nd or 3rd week of January latest.

Apologies for the sloppy packaging and run around on the install.
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