1.5 is just BROKEN !! All we wanted was kill messages.

Just take 1.1 and build off of that SARGE... If someone has figured this out ,Please share. I've tried every which way with the new 1.5 , it just doesn't work with with my setup. They spawn fine, uh hu without weapons, tried the fix, nope-nothing. Oh and guess what, no kill messages either. So ,you guessed it , i'm back to 1.1.
Can anyone just fix off of 1.1 with kill messages. ??


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Try DZAI and try to get kill messages on there its less buggy and has alot of fixes and it was still being updated in 2014

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Ok going to try that, I do have the messages that says this is bandit leader ,Target is so so, find him. But no kill messages. Anyone know how to set them up on DZAI ?