1.7.6 Announced

- New melee weapon: Machete - (Farm - Hunting)
* [NEW] - Crossbow Quiver added - 6 arrow mag size.
* [NEW] - Zed attraction, this will draw zeds to loiter closer to players over time.
* [FIXED] - Zeds should no longer walk though all objects. (Some objects can still be walked thought)
* [FIXED] - Updated refuel to attract zeds. (3-6 Meters)
* [FIXED] - Zeds will no longer magically hit players just becuase there within 3 meters. ( Zeds can no longer dmg without running the attack animations. (running into zeds will no longer dmg the player))
* [REMOVED] - Rmoved all chance based systems for sight and sound from zeds they will now only agro if in view or your makeing noise. Should allow more freedom to move
Also noticed they unbanned the BAF_L85A2_RIS_SUSAT , BAF_LRR_scoped and BAF_LRR_scoped_w is still banned :( Liked having that on my server :)