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Just an update on what changed over the last months ... Changelog:
[NEW] Added support for DayZ Thirsk, DayZ Isladuala, DayZ Oring, DayZ Lingor
[NEW] Setup forces beta patch installation if no existing one is found
[NEW] Setup checks for beta patch before copying the executable
[NEW] Added new beta patch
[NEW] Changed whitelist log format
[NEW] Added messagebox for various operations when finished
[FIX] It wasn't possible to create a new database from the application
[FIX] Application log wasn't showing messages
[FIX] Wrong modlist after enabling rMod
[FIX] Duplicated "@dayzcc" when selecting an world without modlist
[FIX] "Game directory not found" error on installations without the arma executable
[FIX] Wrong modlists for Namalsk and Celle
[FIX] Missing keys for Celle
[FIX] Sorting after playername in web panel failed with MySQL error
[FIX] Date not set correctly, errors in the log and ingame
[REM] Removed database restore option from web panel Changelog:
[NEW] Added "log" permission to allow give access to only the Server and BattlEye logs on the web admin
[NEW] Added images for new backpacks and items
[NEW] Commented the server pbo config file to make it easier understandable
[NEW] Switching the instance in the application now changes instance in the web admin even when logged in
[NEW] Updated to own HiveExt build (0.9.8)
[NEW] The online player map now has auto refresh enabled at default
[NEW] Added Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable
[NEW] Added DayZ 1.7.6 items and images
[NEW] Added back VC++ 2012 x86 Redistributable package
[FIX] Fixed "Remoteexec #8" kick
[FIX] It wasn't possible to upload sqf files on the tools page
[FIX] Added exceptions to the BattlEye filters for new backpacks
[FIX] Fixed wrecks either not spawning or too many spawning when old method is selected
[FIX] It wasn't possible to upload sqf files when importing buildings
[FIX] Player maps weren't showing all players
[FIX] It was not possible to save on non english systems
[FIX] Updater executable wasn't installing the updates
[FIX] Wrong DayZ+ version was displayed in the log
[FIX] Tents weren't saving properly
[FIX] Kicks when using new weapons, now updated to latest community banlist filter
[FIX] Maps were showing nothing
[FIX] No tracking lines showing up
[FIX] Wrong markers for tents and other deployables
[FIX] Hive Error 1064 on player update
[FIX] Players not updating at all
[FIX] Red stripes on the "All" maps
[FIX] BattlEye Script Restriction #20
[FIX] Database migration wasn't using the specified database port
[REM] Removed no longer used "mysqlcppcon.dll"
[REM] Deleted old Visual C++ Redistributable Packages Changelog:
[NEW] Updated to dotNet 4.0
[NEW] Added information about licensing and a link to CC BY ND 3.0 under which the application is licensed
[NEW] Added DayZ support
[NEW] Moved all config file reading code from external Crosire.dll into the main application
[NEW] Rewrote complete configuration class
[NEW] Improved performance by reading the files line by line instead of reading the whole file into memory
[NEW] Now checks if a config file line starts with one of the options instead of multiple contain checks
[NEW] Line indexes are no longer saved but read again while writing to the files to prevent conflicts
[NEW] Better configuration exception handling, no longer aborts full process if one line throws an exception
[NEW] All MySQL queries are now parameterized instead of using inline linking
[NEW] Registry access uses Microsofts registry class instead of external APIs now
[NEW] Updated copyright and version notices on splash screen
[NEW] Apache and MySQL server starting on splash screen checks if execution was successfull now
[NEW] Reworked path combination code
[NEW] MySQL password length is shown on the change screen
[NEW] Path monitor buttons are disabled if file does not exist
[NEW] If the "BEServer.cfg" file does not exist, it now searches the directory for a similar named file and uses that one
[NEW] Auto Updater shows what file caused it to run the update
[NEW] Auto Updater directory called like the update executable now
[NEW] Whitelisted button gets disabled if user has not record in the whitelist table
[NEW] Added solution for php error messages to readme
[NEW] Added vehicles and items to the web interface
[NEW] Info page images are now centered instead of stretched, to make them look better
[NEW] The tools page now allows you to upload the mission files directly
[NEW] Clearing the GUID field of a player deletes his entry from the whitelist completly
[NEW] Switches to first tab again when changing the panel
[NEW] Whitelist can be disabled or enabled by sending "#whitelist on/off" to the BattlEye server
[NEW] Modfolders of a map are read from the world table in the database to allow support for more custom maps
[NEW] Player tracking lines. Big thanks to wriley!
[NEW] Player kick and ban icons in one table column instead of two
[NEW] Welcome message now working even when whitelist is disabled
[NEW] Instance selection for the web interface login screen (Big thanks to Krunch for this)
[FIX] Browser wasn't reading the correct URL to load from settingsfile sometimes
[FIX] Vehicle inventory generator produced way to overpowered inventories
[FIX] PHP default timezone set to "UTC"
[FIX] Splashform is no longer topmost all the time, only puts it self on top of everything on startup
[FIX] Updated CefSharp reference and changed the way it is called
[FIX] Overhauled readme to fit the setup readme box width
[FIX] Major security issues, thanks to xbenjii for finding them
[FIX] Crash on exit when there is a write attempt on the login window at the same time
[FIX] Custom loadout was not working in
[FIX] Calling the server "hostname", password "password", ... destroyed the config files
[FIX] Rmod not removed from modlist after checkbox was unchecked
[FIX] "Unauthorized Access Exception" in the log when running the setup
[REM] Removed all DayZ related code from Crosire.dll
[REM] Deleted all CefSharp related resources
[REM] No more world id defaults, those are read from the database anyway
[REM] Removed paths class, everything handled by the configuration class now
[REM] No preinstalled BEC anymore
[REM] Removed a whole bunch of files and cleaned up apache, php to make them lighter
[REM] Application working directory no longer set to ArmA path, as that isn't needed
[REM] No more writing to the config.php file as the new multi instance admin does not need that
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