52nd IB DayZ Epoch Server | Custom Addons | Self-Bloodbag, AI Missions, Service Points and Much MORE


Arma 52nd IB DayZ Epoch Server | Epoch

52nd IB DayZ Epoch is a new DayZ Epoch server made in January 2015. The server is hosted in London (UK) and is very well optimized for the users to reach their maximum FPS when playing. We have multiple "Custom Addons" to make your expierience more enjoyable! For example: Self-Bloodbagging, Custom AI Missions, Service Points to repair and refuel your vehicles, Snap Building Pro, Deploy and Repack Your Bike and Much More!

Active Administrators
No Lag

Email 52ndIBDayZ@gmail.com to report any bugs/glitches and/or get information on donating!