A note from the Dev Team Regarding Customizations

Nonov Urbizniz

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This is just for admins guidance, a lot of the customizations admins are putting in place are likely to eventually be included in the mod itself.

We do not discourage customization, but have found that it can sometimes be the source of lag, and even if no lag, it might be a lot of work that will not need to be used again in a future update.

I can give you a brief list of things I know are on the slate and will likely make the next update if not the one after that.

- Auto Refuel - We will likely add this but it will be slow/delayed, it will likely force heli's to land to refuel, and it MAY require a driver or passenger get out and be in the action animation while auto refueling (There should not be full service gas pumps in the Zombie Apocalypse) However it MAY also work for above ground tanks too, IE select "fill Jerrycan" to fill the ones in your inventory or select "Refuel Vehicle".

- Cargo Check - 1.7.7 includes inventories being displayed for all vehicles/tents we will either include just this, or if 1.7.7 is released by then we will just include it. We will not include 1.7.7 until it's officially released.

There are more but it is late I will update later.

Feel free to leave suggestions for your most requested customizations.