Adding Buildings to Mission

Hello everyone! My fiance and I each spent most of today building two bases to add to our server. I've turned the SQF files to SQM files and combined them with my current Mission but it locks the server up bad. Neither of the new files will work when combined with the current alone. Could someone help me out? I used 3de_conv to convert the biedi files in the past but for some reason it crashes every single time I attampt to convert the second base. The one I made converts in a flash. I've tried deleteing things systematicly and it seems to be completely random! I know we have a lot of items, but I've seen some servers that have a heck of a lot more. I'm really hoping someone can help as we spent hours and hours tweaking these...
The first one I converted the biedi to SQM and the second I converted the SQF to SQM.

First Mission:

Second Mission:

It'd really, really mean so much if someone could give us a hand...