Adding custom skins


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Hi there,

Will it be possible for me to add custom skins to the server without having to change files client side?

I would like to add BAF Ghillie Suit Replaced By ARMA II Ghillie (High-Res Ghillie Without the Need to Buy BAF DLC) and BAF Camo Clothing Replaced By ARMA II Camo Clothing (High-Res Camo Without the Need to Buy BAF DLC). As far as I know these are banned in the code. isnt' it?


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I have banged my head against skins for quite awhile now. As far as I know, and I've tried just about everything, there is no way to get skins working client side without rMod, or them downloading your new files.

It's the same thing with trying to put in new classes of choppers without radar. Without downloading your files, players can't see them. They're invisible. Same with skins. You can turn signatures off, unban that ghilie inside your anims file, but players won't see the skin, because it's still banned on theirs. This is the same way if you try to make skins without the starting gear that goes with them.

Here's a tuungle post I participated in, with some of my testing:

Here is the second tuungle post I contributed my findings to:

Good luck.
Hello all, i take this thread to ask so i dont have to make a new one ...
I have a big problem, i try all possible ways to get my skins working, but everytime i log out and loggin back in my skin is the Survivor2_DZ.

The new skins are working so far, i can loot it, i can wear it and it is stored in the database by wearing/leaving the server.
But if i join again the old skin is back, also in the database, there must be one file who resets the skin, but i cant find the file...

Any ideas?

PS: i dont use rmod, the dayz mod version i working with is


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In the server pbo, either player login or player setup has an if statement that checks if your skin is in a list of skins, if not it sets it to the default skin. You probably need to edit that.
Oh, sorry, i forgot to say that i edit the server.pbo to my needs.
Only in server_playerLogin.sqf are some lines to adjust, but doesnt help^^


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Mind if I ask you to paste the change you made? Just want to make sure you made the edit correctly. If the change is correct there is always the possibility that the skin you selected is banned by dayz but I don't see why they would do that.
No, only when i use it from the inventory, on logout the skin is in the db, but on reconnecting the skin is the old one.
I think the skin gets reset on the setup screen.
Edit: Problem solved

I had a renamed dayz_server_backup.pbo in my @hive/Addons folder^^
The System doesnt care about the name i think, after deleting this file all skins work ...