Adding static weapons


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Hey there,
i just wanted to know if it's possible to spawn static weapons (such as mgs) into a dayz server.
If you spawn them in via the editor it will automatically kill every player that tries to enter it.
I would say that if it's possible than you do it using the instance_deployable right?
Just like mentioned in this thread just without the changes in the server/mission files, because obliviously you don't need them saving into the database.

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Do you use rmod? Because most the static weps use rmod even if you can see them it wont let you use em. Also If it adds fine you might need an exception added to the server to let you use said turrets. Cus when I installed admin tools I forgot the vehicle exception and I kept getting killed by the vehicles. The static weps are not normally in game so dayz could think that they are cheated in and as such will kill you on use. Look at the admin tools installation and find the last half that uses the server pbo files and do that to yours. They should work fine after that.
Sorry for the double post. But if you have steam you can add me and i could try to help you when I can. I am a novice so don't expect much but I can offer a dif perspective if needed. [ILL] AImlessImp05 is the steam name, don't be afraid to post on my profile either.


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I do run rmod. Not sure if I tried them before rmod. Works great with rmod in any case (well, it refills ammo on server boot which is dumb, but whatever)

Either way, the part you're talking about which kills you is in killed a hacker, and you can remove that shit or make an exception (see how Sarge does it, my airraid script does it, or animated heli crashes do it (all using sarge's variable).
It's in server_cleanup.fsm I believe.


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We use rmod 2.1. I will look for the exception in the server_cleanup.fsm. I think i'll grab some time at the WE and try this out. Thanks to everyone.


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I spawn static weapons with right clicking gems works great.