Adding vehicles to the new SQL system?

Hello, I've been trying tirelessly trying to figure out how to spawn vehicles in the dayzprivate server pack. I tried with DayZAdmin and through 3D editor and none of that worked. Is there some other new system that i don't know about?


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hmm.. its a long time ago, but in the original DayzMod you have to use a server Number like 1337 and need to spawn the vehicles on this Server. take a look in your database on witch number your vehicles are spawn. ;)
Its only a idea, hope it works for you.


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No clue what you mean lol
I honestly don't understand the new spawning system for vehicles at all. There are a bunch of new tables for the vehicles and I'm not exactly sure how it works. Haven't really looked at it tho to try and figure it out. I just made an INSERT IGNORE event to force spawn a big list of vehicles so that there are always vehicles on the map.


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its conceptually easy but the implementation is hard to follow. vehicles are part of one of more groups so that you can limit the number of a particular vehicle and/or group of vehicles. I've rewritten the groups, the inventory & the spawn locations so I'm familiar with it. The groups are very hard to follow.

the 1337 someone mentioned above is the instance - if your server instance doesn't match the instanceid in object_data, nothing will show up.