AI and walls


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I mainly play on an Epoch server, and we recently turned on the AI's ability to drive. The problem we are seeing is that the AI can walk through walls. I'm in a base where we used large wood walls to fence off an area for vehicles and helicopters, I tried adding sandbags along the inside of the wall and that didn't stop them, so I placed wire fencing around the outside of the walls. That didn't stop them either. It almost seems like if you are in a position where you can see them they stop at the wire, but when you stop watching them they ignore the barriers. Is there anything that can be done to prevent them from just walking through bases?

I also have a garage, and the other day I heard one get in a vehicle in there. I looked through the gap in the side of the garage door and saw one of my vehicles moving around inside. After a while I logged for a few hours and when I came back the vehicle was gone from the locked garage. I ended up finding it about 900m away sitting in a field running.