AI ignores you if in a vehicle


As per the title, AI patrols do not see you if you are travelling in a vehicle. You can happily mow them down one by one whilst they are completely oblivious to your presence.

Also, several of the attachments actually destroy the weapons and make it disappear from your inventory. If I knew it was going to happen I would have made a note of exactly what gun and attachment it was.

Also some attachments nerf the gun totally. Adding an SD to a G36 makes it zoom in like a sniper rifle but with no crosshairs.

And I mentioned this before in another thread, but adding SD only alters the sound range for players, not for zeds. The acoustic range of an M14-SD is still the same to the zeds as an unsupressed one. Ditto every weapon you add SD to

And none of the sniper zoom optics work with NVG - making night time pointless.

More spawn points are seriously needed. One HALO drop point ? Why not put some on the western side of the map too ? It soon gets repetitive, halo spawn, head straight to NE airfield. Die. Repeat.

More fuel points too.


I should have clarified about vehicles....... instead of submitting a github report, i'll cut and paste it here.....

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1.Get into BTR40 / PK Pickup
2. Find some Hazmat AI
3. Watch them ignore as you drive circles around them, get bored and run them down.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
I expect them to attack me

Please provide any additional information below

You are invisible to ALL AI in the BTR40, including heli AI - unless you mount to the gunner's poistion. Go back to driver and they go back to passive mode again.

In the PK pickup, you are NOT invisible to helis, or their downed crews. Only to Hazmat troops - unless you mount as gunner, or BEEP the horn, in which case they will attack you.

Good to see that someone else reported the SD not working on github !


May as well add a couple of other problems into this thread too.....

SUV Black randomly disappears at server restart IF you have filled it with more than 50 items (it is modified to 20k items in Epidemic). You can stop it disappearing IF you shoot out all 4 tyres.

Sanctuary Crates can spawn into the same spawn point
When this happens you have to carefully check each of the 4 sides of the crate incase it is a double spawner.

Sanctuary crates spawn rubbish weapons
They need to spawn much, much higher quality weapons ! And backpacks. More often too.

Mi-17 can kick you out in mid air when changing seats
Probably not an Epidemic issue

AI can inflict unrealistic damage to a heli too quickly
1 or 2 shots from a G36 Hazmat and my Mi-17 engine is RED ! No way ! That thing can take 100 m240 rounds and not even notice !! Also NPC Huey's take massive amounts of M14 hits before they are damaged.

Is the mod officially DEAD ? I really hope not, and that it's still in development ? It really is a fantastic mod.