And they wonder why the server is empty!


Some admins just should not be in control of server that or need to learn what they are doing before they take on major jobs like upgrades..

A server..I won't embarrass the admin here..

Geared up groups have camps etc.. upgrade to 0.2.1 and everythings reset.. hey hoo cars etc you can understand but "Not backing up the user DB first" unforgivable..I said so in a post and private message to him...0.2.2...comes out I nudged the admin In case he'd not noticed the update and kindly requested he at least concider his users this time and save thier DB and restoreit to the new build.. now I know it's possible as other servers I play all managed it fine!...ohh well come home from work son's playing on the same server..30 second warning of upgrade (nice warming.. especially if your 400m up over a forrest in a chopper:)...well deep joy... again no user DB saved...well now thats son and me given up on the server...and it seems everyone else.. Son only went on as the server we moved to is FULL to the brim.. and wanted to play... the poor admin however gets excited when he nearly reaches 10 users....maybe it's time some admins actually listened to the experienced users.. users are fickle and don''t take kindly to admins wiping out there WORK!!!

Save your user DB and use it!!!! rant over!


You and your son should come play on DayZ Overwatch (Free Tacos) hosted by FPOC. In all of the upgrades the admin team has kept all of the stashes, tents and user stats, no wipes. Vehicles are one thing, but most players were given enough time (hours) to get gear into tents if they had it in vehicles.

The vehicles are being a pain, you have to understand MySQL and how to properly edit the sql upload to not wipe everything. Come check us out, we tend to get 40'ish in the evenings.


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Just come on back TuBz. I don't nuke the DB for updates. It's really easy to add new vehicles without wiping it, they just took the easy copy/paste way out :D


Just come on back TuBz. I don't nuke the DB for updates. It's really easy to add new vehicles without wiping it, they just took the easy copy/paste way out :D's your's I moved to...and can't even get on lol.. this was another..?will be playing yours soon as some of the kiddies make room for the old git:)...though you may not recongise the names.. I play can always peek at the IP's:)

CurrentlyI'm being a right sado...and playing to official hive.. ohh er.. it's been a long time since i did that.. all the server hopping crap:)
I ran an sql backup before the upgrade then after upgrading and executing the new sql file rolled back the player data to the saved file - took about 30 seconds overall and no one cried because of gear loss.

Jump on ours also, is pretty busy most of the time



We run hourly backups on the Free Tacos server, has worked wonders, especially if a hacker somehow gets into the mix!


OP, I totally understand your rant. I get it. I'm a server admin my self, I host the servers.

I have had to wipe twice in the past. Most updates don't require it, but the update from to 1.7.7.* did require a wipe. A lot of stuff had been banned and removed from the game in that update, and carrying over people's inventories would have really screwed things up.

I try not to wipe, but when required I will, though I will give most players plenty of notice. Stuff is stuff, it can be re-gathered, so as a server admin I'm not willing to risk poor gameplay and people whining because their being kicked for having banned items in their inventory after a major update.

This is the unpleasant truth of running servers for a game like this.


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With a bit of crafty SQL newly banned items could be removed.
update table_name set field_name = replace(field_name,',\"banned_item\"','');
Probably would want to run a second time with the comma at the end to catch any banned items in the first inventory slot.


Ya, that's possible. You could probably even create a php cleanup script where you list any banned items and it removes them all at once. Wouldn't be too difficult.