Bad Habits |Trader|SafeZones|Party|Map|CompassHUD|NoStamina|Inv+|MoreGuns|MoreLoot

Everyone has a Bad Habit.

-Server Information-
Server Name - Bad Habits |Trader|SafeZones|Party|Map|CompassHUD|NoStamina|Inv+|MoreGuns|MoreLoot
Server IP -
Discord -

-Server Highlights-
-Spawn with a Megaphone! Scream at your enemies from a long distance!
Everyone also spawns with a pistol, a headlamp and an axe.
-We have safe zones with traders to buy and sell goods. Head to a safe zone (Green-Mountain or Kumyrnato) to trade your loot for money!
-Double Inventory space in all clothing and backpacks.
-In game Map.
-Unlimited Stamina.
-Compass HUD.
-Party up with your friends by pressing "P"

1.Dont be a Dick.
2.No combat logging.
3.No killing/building/stealing/stalking in safe zones
4.No Building on top of buildings or stacking.

Build Anywhere
Cl0uds miltiary gear
Auto run
Code lock
Community online tools
Compass hud
Dayz expansion chat
Inventory plus
Inventory plus plus
Mass's many item overhaul
Op Base items
Server information panel
Unlimited stamina
Vanilla plus plus map
Weapon redux pack
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