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  • We have been playing this game for about 6 years.

    6 years ago DayZ was much more enjoyable than it is now. Because there were no cash machines, no ridiculous weapons. There really was survival.

    We opened a server so that we could experience that old feeling and let it live. We have set a good budget for advertising. We think the server will be full soon.

    There will be no unreal mods on our server.

    We will only give base items to those who are new to the server as a gift. This is actually for making your own warm house :)

    If you want to come to our server and want to enjoy a real DayZ, we are waiting for you all.

    Our server address:
    Server Name: PLAY TO SURVIVE

    Please add me on Steam.

    We recommend you to use the DZSA Launcher program to come to the server. In this way, the mods will be provided to you automatically and you will be able to log in.

    Server Mods:

    @Community Framework
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