Blacklist format


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Hi, could someone show me the correct format for the blacklist, have tried many different ways and none seem to work and give loads of error in the rpt log, running on epoch

ive tried this way

DZAI_randAreaBlacklist = ["DZAI_Tulga","DZAI_Rog","DZAI_Pusta","DZAI_ThreeValleys","DZAI_Orlovets"];

doesnt works and give massive list of errors in rpt


DZAI_randAreaBlacklist = ["2830.23,123.00","2450.22,9804.55"];

doesnt work gives errors in rpt

made my own blacklist areas in cust_markers_chernarus.sqf

// ------------- Blacklist Areas --------------

_this = createMarker ["Black_Kamenka", [1867.8379, 2290.2583]];
_this setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE";
_this setMarkerType "Empty";
_this setMarkerBrush "Solid";
_this setMarkerSize [175, 175];
_this setMarkerAlpha 0;
_Black_Kamenka = _this;

then tried
DZAI_randAreaBlacklist = ["Black_Kamenka"];

no errors in rpt but ai still spawn in the area

What is the correct way to add blacklist area to the config file ?