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Chernarus Overpoch

Namalsk Overpoch

TeamSpeak3 Available
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Chernarus Server

Detain / Search / Escort
Walking Zombies
Single Currency 3.0
Plot For Life
Group Management
Advanced Trading
DZMS - Missions
Crate Missions
Hot Spot Missions
WickedAI Missions
Trader Safe Zones
No Weight Restriction
Self Blood Bag
Refuel and Repair at Gas Pumps
Lift and Tow
Day/Night Cycle - 3 hour restarts. Night time every 3rd restart.
Snap Building Pro
Vector Building
Master Key
Indestructible Bases
Tear Gas Smoke Grenades
Custom Starting Loadouts
Custom Spawn Points
No Plot Pole Needed
Skalisty Island AI Fortress (aka AI Island)
15 Day Maintenance Upkeep
Lots of Custom Map Additions
More addons/content added frequently!