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In 1973 the people of Livonia where shook up by a UFO crash. This was immediatly denied and covered up by the Livonian Government. 47 years later things started to change in Livonia. People started to act weird and some of them just dissapeared without any trace. So the Government decided to setout an evening clock. An American Scientist with Livonian roots, named Dr. Legasov heard about the UFO crash in 1973 and figured out that the strange dissapearances might have something to do with the nearly 50 years ago crashed UFO. He was a believer and his wife and only son went back to Livona to start a research. While doing research the Livonian government warned him to stop his research on the UFO and the strange dissapearings. Dr. Legasov had no intention to stop and continued his research and found out there was a well guarded location called Area 51. In this area on every night and exact same time all lights in a range of 800 meters went out after a loud strange deep humming sound was hearable. After sneaking inside the area Dr. Legasov was taken as a prisoner and was released after he prommised to stop any further investigation. Again he had no intention to do so and continued his investigation. At that point all of a sudden Dr. Legasov's wife died in a car crash. Legasov and his son didn't think it was just an accident and dediced to hide. From this hideout they continued the research. With a group of scientist, engineers they created a secret hideout in a mountain. There they trained a special forces group so that they eventualy could infiltrate Area 51. Deep underground Dr. Legasov discovered a UFO, Heavely guarded by military specialists. Dr. Legasov somehow managed to get inside the UFO and tried to fly with it. That's when the shit hit the fang. The UFO breached out and bursted through the ground, but eventualy got stuck. Then it started leaking some greenish substance that changed the inhabitants of Livonia in flesh eating monsters. The Government fled and is trying to get control on the situation again, but they fail over and over. Offcourse, there is only one person that can solve this problem and that is YOU!! ARE YOU ABLE TO HELP OUT DR. LEGASOV TO REGAIN CONTROL OF THE SITUATION?!!

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