Boobies and Beer DayZ Epoch Napf [][New Players Welcome|Custom AI Missions|Roaming AI|+More]

Boobies and Beer Epoch Server

New player and need to learn the ropes? Tired of Chenarus? Or are you just a veteran player that is looking for a new challenge?

Find it all at Boobies and Beer Epoch Server

Custom AI Missions - Roaming AI Patrols - Snap N Build - Indestructible Bases - Epoch Heli Lift

and of course… Auto Refuel and Self Bloodbag

Also featuring… Napf Island Map, a 20.4km x 20.4 km map of mammoth potential

Coming soon- Black Market Vehicle Showroom, Player-run Trading Post

What’s that? “What about ‘Trader God Mode?’” Team up with a friend and cover your six, Survivor.

There be monsters here....