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lol sorry dude

Would you be willing to let us host a server. I would respect your rules and keep the server as you would like.
We could take some stress off your servers as we have 2 nice dedi boxes.
I currently run 1no Dayz custom server and a custom waselands server plus numerous cod and other fps games.

-iG- forum

Server IPs Dayz Wasteland

There is lots of resources left for more servers......... PM ME


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I feel i must explain my reason for my first question... We (-iG-) have found to so hard to get on a server and play together due to the volume of players using the UK servers....

Grate mod BTW and thanks for not flaming at the first post.
For some reason I have the server files... I don't know where the hell I got them from. Seems to run nicely but I don't think I'll host it. Nice mod though